Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Future is Partly Cloudy With Periods of Sunshine

*Obligatory comment about lack of posting regularly* Now that that is out of the way.

Hi friends,
Life is pretty swell and I came to school completely unprepared for the amount of work I would finish, so I found myself with nothing to do. That means you have to suffer through another update. Today was the best day weather-wise this whole winter. No, it was not the mild plus 6 type of weather that tomorrow is calling for.It was the step outside into the wind and the cold takes your breath away minus 26 sort of freezing cold type of day and it could not have made me any happier. The snow was crisp and crunchy and the sky was clear and sunny. If you bundled up just enough to face the elements today was a thing of beauty.

I may have mentioned before that I was helping a prof make some music videos for the St. John's Ukulele Orchestra. With small groups of student volunteers and the band members we have filmed three music videos for the unconventional band. The Faculty of Arts took notice and did a write up for the university website about the videos and I got to do an interview for them, an interview that you can read right HERE, there is a link at the bottom of the article that will allow you to see the music videos themselves if you haven't already seen them. The music videos are at least worth a watch and as the credits roll by be sure to keep an eye out for a familiar name listed under cameraman for each of the shoots. I have really enjoyed making the videos and apparently I am a natural when it comes to working with the camera so recent plans now possibly include film school in the future. The Faculty of Arts is also forming a committee to decide on a new film that they are planning on making and they have asked if I would be interested in sitting in on the committee. As well the Harlow program is in need of a new video and I may be (read I will sell my first born to go) headed there in July of 2013 (fingers crossed)

Did I mention that I have applied to Graduate? well I have! It is both exciting and terrifying to think that when April 20th rolls around I will no longer be attending MUN at least until I do the Harlow program and then my education degree. I also hope to attend film school some time in the future as I have previously noted. I haven't given much thought as to which film school or where but I have heard good things about VFS (Vancouver Film School) though it is pricey. 

I need to get to class I will be back soon (relatively soonish that is)

Later Days


Monday, December 12, 2011

By Now I Must Have an Honourary Doctorate in Procrastination

It's exam time!!!!!!!

You know what that means? My apartment is clean and I have done just about everything I can in order to not study (now that I am posting a blog I will have done everything). It seems to me that every time I need to be doing something with even the slightest amount of importance (like studying) I find something else infinitely more interesting to be doing. The opposite can be said for when I have nothing to do and I couldn't be bothered to change the channel on the t.v because the remote is too far away and let's face it if I sit here long enough something worth watching should come on ...right? Also, Exam time is when I am most likely to be surprised by an attack nap and I have been attacked countless times recently. *Picks up a book to start studying, eyes get heavy, reads same paragraph five times, wakes up two hours later with no idea what happened* Attack Naps they will throw you for a loop and just when you finally planned on being productive.

This past semester had some pretty good times in it. I was part of breakout productions, a new production team we started this year in our English 4401 course (producing the play) We started with a script of Tom Stoppard's "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead" and we ended with a five show run and a great feeling of pride that we had accomplished so much in such a short time. The show was a success and people stopped me in class and in the halls telling me how much they loved it. The English 3350 class had their acting finals a week after our show started and they asked me to emcee the show. I had previously emceed our directing class' final scenes and some people in the class suggested me to present their scenes which made me feel pretty special. I have one course left for my Diploma program and that is Producing the Documentary which is said to be the hardest of all the diploma courses because of its massive amount of group work. I am not looking forward to it all that much but it needs to be done.

Other happenings since I last blogged back in September:

I rented a car and drove across the island to see my sister who was visiting her husband who was working on the West Coast and was spending a weekend with my nan. I got to meet two nieces that I hadn't seen in person before and got to see my nephew again. It was a very short trip but I spent some quality time with a bunch of family who all happened to be visiting at the same time. I put on my big boy pants and drove across the island and back by myself and I only seen one moose but he was chilling out nowhere near the road so it was best kind.

I survived another year on the earth since I popped out of the womb. I turned 26 on December 3rd and threw a pretty good bash at our apartment. It was a sweater themed party and a bunch of my friends new and old showed up for it. The downstairs neighbours decided that at 11:05 it was time to call our elderly landlord's house and complain without having made us aware of their discontent and despite the fact that they shut off their obscenely loud music in order to call. Gerard handled the call like a boss and the party continued full swing until twenty after four in the morning when the last of the people made their way to a cab and home. In the interest of being a good host I supplied food and some shots and because I had each dip labeled and the food set out nicely a few people commented that Amki had flown back and set up the party. Of course had Amki been here there would have been fresh flowers and much better food but the sentiment was there.

I am sure that there has been more noteworthy occurrences since I last blogged but I can't seem to recall them at this time. That's enough for now anyways and perhaps I will blog more often (most likely not I just say this to make myself feel better). I am going to have to study for a bit now as my next exam is in ten hours and I am not quite as prepared as I could be for it (but then again I never am)

Later Days

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Free Internet. The only positive thing about metrobus

This update is brought to you in part by metrobus.I hopped on the wrong route one and in stead of going directly from mun to the village I am taking the scenic route past the confederation building, cna, and the marine institute. The bus is then headed back to mun before heading to the village. Good thing I left early or work may have gotten an interesting phone call. The weather is trying its best to make everyone feel gloomy but I have my iPod some good tunes and a way to update my blog. School is going well so far I am not under too much strain yet and my assignments seem to be spread out fairly evenly. I think I am going to survive the semester. I have my first grammar test tomorrow and I am slightly nervous as the course is a veritable widow maker from what I hear. The prof seems to think I will do well and she sure seems to like calling on me in class so maybe there is some truth behind that. The bus just filled up and because it is raining everyone is wet and therefore they all smell wonderful. In fact I am almost certain corpses smell better.

This weekend is looking to be a pretty stellar weekend. Thursday night ( not quite the weekend I know but well close enough) a bunch of us are going to 345 (church) at the levee. Friday will be devoted to homework assignments as Saturday is devoted to work and Andrea's party. Whenever her parents go away Andrea let's the diploma program kids and her theatre friends party at her place and it's usually a good time. Normally Ryan dillon would have a party the night before but he was one of the friends who moved away :(. Side note: the huge guy beside me on the bus smells especially bad. Sunday I plan to rearrange my room and super clean it. It always makes me feel great when my room is really clean and organized but I rarely maintain that for long. I recently cleared my cork boards off and put everything into a notebook and I planned to post the results as soon as I figure out how to get my phone to send me the pictures.

Bus is almost at the village.

Later days.